Arched halls

Overview of hall shapes on offer

Overview of shapes

We are the biggest hall manufacturer in Europe. We offer 78 types and 308 versions of halls, with a built-up area from 10 m2 to 5,000 m2. We are the only manufacturer of self-supporting halls without propping up to a width of 56 m. You can choose from 202 colours and 121,204 colour combinations.

Building of arched halls and producing forming machines to make and build the arched halls using K‑SPAN system

Self supporting assembled arched halls built by K-SPAN technology system consist of steel arched profiles 300 mm, 680 mm and 800 mm wide made by a special forming and bending machine. The hall can be made using either steel painted on both sides or above standard quality galvanised steel. The final finish is offered in broad spectrum of colours.

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Comparatively low costs of arched halls

We achieve unusually low costs thanks to great flexibility of the whole building process and unrivalled speed of production and assembly. To build an arched hall requires a bare minimum of preparations. The individual ribs of the arched hall are built by the machine directly at the building site using quality steel delivered in coils. The erected ribs are being joined one by one using a special machine which runs up a rib itself and joins it together with the already standing structure. To sum it up, the favourable price is the result of simple pre-building preparation, minimum wasted material, fast building process and professional assembly.

Uniquely in Europe, we have our own design and development department focusing on finding new building technologies and continuous improvement of our assembled halls. Thanks to our own development and building of not only the halls but also the machines making the profiles from which the halls are assembled we have most complete information and best understanding regarding building arched halls using K-SPAN system.

Outstanding strength and compactness of the building

We are the only company building both the self supporting assembled arched halls and producing the machine which makes the arches from a material up to 1,8 mm thick. Thus the profiled arch is extremely strong and at the same time compact. This fact enables us to build the halls with span up to 56 m.

We are the only company in Czech Republic which produces a machine capable of forming such a quality profile!

Unrivalled speed of building a hall

One of the characteristics of our arched halls is the simplicity of the pre-building preparations. It may involve laying base strips, a base slab, supporting walls, ground bolts, placing panels into a stone bed, concrete blocks or building directly onto an existing asphalt or concrete surface. The main reasons of the building speed of the assembled arched halls are a simple pre-building preparation works, easily obtainable material and fast building of the arched roof itself in the order of several days together with professional assembly of the hall using only minimum of technical support.

To make an assembled arched hall with built area of 500 m2 takes approximately 5 working days, building the same hall with area of 1 000 m2 takes about 10 working days.

Multifunctional use of the hall

  • production halls
  • storage rooms
  • office and administration spaces
  • athletic halls, tennis halls, badminton halls or football halls
  • gyms
  • recreational facilities
  • supermarkets or shops
  • car salons
  • agricultural buildings, halls to house machinery, hay storage, cowshed, garden centre
  • shedds
  • self standing roofs
  • gas stations
  • airplane hangars, army halls and many other commercial, sport or interest activities

The layout or use of the hall can be changed easily at any time!

Building modifications of halls

Insulation of arched halls is by means of mineral or basalt padding insulation supplied in width from 10 to 40 cm as required by the investor. Another possibility is sprayed on foam or stretched isolation foil. The insulation can range from tempered to low energy classification.

Ventilation of the assembled arched halls is usually by means of installed fan turbines with strong lightweight design guaranteeing long life and reliability in the order of decades. Ventilation can also be achieved by installing windows in the end walls of the hall which in addition add light into the hall. Another possibility is installing dormer windows in the upper part of the roof.

End walls are built using straight profiles of the same type as the load bearing arches. They can be lined with bricks or other wall making material, framed glass panels can be fitted, polycarbonate desks, windows or wood material, corrugated iron or other types of panels.

Portals and doors can be fitted in the end wall or in the side walls of the hall itself. The entry doors are supplied either as security doors, fireproof or a fire escape type. Side way opening portals can be fitted to hinges or move on rails or roll up. All the above versions can be insulated or not insulated, operated by an electromotor or mechanically.

Light can be brought into the hall through the end walls by installing a row of windows either polycarbonate or glass, or installing dormer windows either in the top or sides of the arched roof.

Building in an upper floor to maximise the useful space in the hall we can build in a floor using classic building materials or panels. In case of an existing wall structure which does not have the necessary load bearing capacity a ceiling supported by a steel structure with supporting pylons can be built.

Long life of the hall

Due to the quality of the material we use and the quality of the individual profiles made by us together with the careful assembly process it is possible to use a newly built hall at least four generations.

Maintenance-free use of the hall

From the day the hall is finished for the rest of her useful life it is not necessary to paint the structure or provide any other maintenance.

Minimal running costs using the hall

Small running costs start with quality insulation which can be applied up to the “low-energy” specification level. Installing light permeable materials in the roof, end walls and the portals it is possible to minimise the use of artificial lighting in the whole space. The combination of the low heat consumption, sufficient light and maintenance free use of the hall achieves inexpensive operation.

Largest technical base and equipment

Quality technical facility and new equipment. Small assembled halls and roofs are being produced in a factory hall. In a case of larger span of the hall required we transport the profile making machine directly to the building site. We are the only company in Czech Republic which has at its disposal a machine capable of producing the bent profiles both in the factory and at the building sites.

We have available the largest number of employees for whom we take a full responsibility. Some of the team members have been involved in assembling halls one quarter of a century.

Above all, we are the only company in this field having its own building and development department focusing on finding new ways and continuously improving our assembled arched halls. Through developing and building both the halls and the machines to make the profiles from which the halls are assembled we have the most thorough understanding about the way of building assembled arched halls using K-SPAN system.

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Grant programmes

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