Overview of hall shapes on offer

Overview of shapes

We are one of the biggest hall manufacturers in Europe. We offer 78 types and 308 versions of halls, with a built-up area from 10 m2 to 5,000 m2. We are the only manufacturer of self-supporting halls without propping up to a width of 56 m. You can choose from 202 colours and 121,204 colour combinations.

  • Storage arched hall

    Storage and production halls in widths 10 – 36 m with large entry gates for trucks.

  • Sports arched hall

    One floor sports hall constructed from self-supporting arched ribs, with insulation 10 to 30cm.

  • Multifunctional arched hall

    Modern multifunctional sports hall with ample support space.

  • Arched hall interior

    Multifunctional sports hall with stands and two story support space.

  • Selfsupporting arched hangar

    Selfsupporting arched hangers and roofed spaces for small and mid-size planes with a wing span of up to 34 m. Possibility of opening the whole front gable of the hall to move the planes.

Arched halls

Assembled arched halls are buildings constructed using K-SPAN system and are suitable for production halls, storage and administrative spaces, sport halls, recreational facilities, shops and supermarkets, car showrooms, gyms, agricultural buildings, shelters and barns for animals, gardening shops, aircraft hangars, army buildings and many other commercial, sport and recreational activities.

comparatively low costs of arched halls

We achieve unusually low costs thanks to great flexibility of the whole building process and unrivalled speed of production and assembly.

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Outstanding strength and compactness

We are the only company building both the arched halls and producing the machine which makes the arches from a material up to 1,5 mm thick.

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Unrivalled speed of building a hall

One of the characteristics of our arched halls is the simplicity of the pre-building preparations.

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Multifunctional use of the hall

Production halls, storage rooms, office and administration spaces, athletic halls, agricultural buildings, airplane hangars and others.

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Building modifications of halls

Insulation, ventilation, end walls, portals and doors, light, upper floor.

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Lifespan, use and operation of the hall

Long life of the arched hall, maintenance-free use and minimal running costs.

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Using the grant

We have a long standing experience with application process and using the grants.

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Largest technical base and equipment

Quality technical facility and new equipment. Production in a factory hall or directly on the building site.

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Useful information can also be found in the frequently asked questions section.

Building arched halls and roofs